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Can you image having your employees taught with the strategies and ways of the best instructors you have ever known? Can you remember a person who taught you, coached you, or led you in a way that was inspiring, challenging and fun?  photo 2Dr. David Brobeck has been teaching and coaching for nearly four decades.  He has applied best practice business principles to his job as a teacher, coach, school principal, public school superintendent, and university graduate school professor.  Now, he is taking his research, practice, and understanding of effective instruction and teaching organizations to be highly effective. 

Dr. David Brobeck, “Professor Problem-Solver,” can help your business relate to and develop your leadership team and employees to levels beyond expectations.  How?  His humorous keynote speech will illustrate effective, simple, and doable teaching concepts that the best teachers, coaches, and business do as routine.  His unique approach to problem-solving will help your organization find creative and effective solutions and strategies by tapping the talents of those in the room.

With David, you will get a professional speaker and educator who has extensive experience working with adult learners.  He has a proven track record as a speaker, seminar leader, and professor who inspires individuals and teams to recognize in themselves capabilities they may not know they have.

KEYNOTES – Programs for Successful Organizations

“From the Classroom to the Boardroom”  Lessons from the best teachers and coaches are applied to teach leaders keys to inspiring and motivating employees to peak performance.

Be Leadership Smart”  Being smart does not mean leading is easy or natural; being “leadership smart” means you can learn to do what great leaders do.”  This program is designed for advanced degree professionals who are niche experts and may be asked to lead, manage, supervise, or direct others.

“Be a Problem-Solving Professor”  Problem Solving can be an issue when the problem goes unsolved. This program focuses on three successful concepts for conquering challenges.


Emergenetics “Meeting of the Minds.”  Move thinking forward, the motto of Emergenetics International, describes this content rich seminar that enables organizatons, and the individuals who serve there, an in-depth understanding of thinking and behaving attributes WE (Whole Emeregenetics) Teams bring out the best in each brilliant mind to create organizations that perform at maximum levels.  David will work with your team to understand the power of Emergenetics, and how this understanding can lead to better service, performance, and work place satisfaction.

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“Cardinal Structured Interviews for Business and Schools”   Find the best possible fit when selecting new employees, including key leadership positions.  Learn to use data collected during the interview for establish an entry plan that gets the new hire off to a great start.  More detail is available at from StaffExcel, LLC.

Customized Seminars  If you are looking to create an in-depth program to build the people of your organization, invite David to collaborate with your to design the ideal seminar to take your group to a better place.  By identifying purpose, principles, and perspectives that drive your company, the utilizing current trends in motivation, leadership, organizational practice, thought processes, and traits of the brightest and best, David will use practical application, active learning techniques, humor, and peer to peer instruction to enable each participant to test, apply, and learn effective ways to elevate job satisfaction, performance, and business effectiveness.

Invite David to inspire your group with stories of purpose, principles, and perspectives that will have audience members laughing and learning their way excellence.


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